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Buttercream Recipe

I've had buttercream recipe posted online for over 2 years and yet, I still have people who asks for the recipe. Even some friends, who I stay close in touch with on Instagram, don't even know I have it posted online. But in all fairness, I don't work on social media much lol. Anyways, I've decided to start working on online materials this year. So as a start, here's a renewed version of the buttercream recipe with a video tutorial to go along with it.


Prep Time: 10 min Approx. Total Time: 1hr

Recommended Batch Size : 2 batches


Single Batch

  • 450g Unsalted Butter (Approx. 1 butter package - 4 stick)

  • 150g White Sugar

  • 30g White Sugar (Separate)

  • 50g Water

  • 4 Extra Large Egg Whites (Cold)

  • Salt (Tiny pinch)

  • White Rum

  • Vanilla Extract

Double Batch

  • 900g Unsalted Butter (Approx. 2 butter package - 8 stick)

  • 300g White Sugar

  • 60g White Sugar (Separate)

  • 100g Water

  • 8 Extra Large Egg Whites (Cold)

  • Salt (Tiny pinch)

  • White Rum

  • Vanilla Extract

I recommend working with double batch of buttercream. Single batch falls a little short for cake decorating and triple batch doesn't fit in some people's mixer.


  1. In a pot, have sugar (150g) and water ready to go on a stove

  2. In a tiny bowl, have sugar (30g) and salt ready to go

  3. Separate your egg whites in your mixing bowl


  1. Heat your pot of sugar water on high heat

  2. Start whipping your egg whites on med speed then add sugar *Step 1 & 2 should be done simultaneously

  3. Raise the mixer speed to high

  4. Continue to mix until your meringue is firm *Without much sugar, you're not gonna see stiff beaks that you might be used to seeing when you make macarons or other sweets. Just make sure your meringue builds volume and can hold its own shape.

  5. Keep an eye on your sugar water till it reaches 118°C

  6. When ready, take the pot to the mixer and drizzle down against the mixer bowl while mixing on high

  7. Add white rum and vanilla extract. Continue to mix for a minute. *I add about tablespoon of Bacardi white rum for double batch. If I need a lot of white buttercream, I hold back on vanilla extract to avoid tint.

  8. Set your mixer on the lowest speed and let it cool completely *Use a fan to speed up the process

  9. Take out your butter 5-10 minute early *Depending on your house temperature, you can either take it out early or none at all

  10. When completely cooled, start adding in the butter with mixer set on lowest setting

  11. When butter breaks down, raise the mixing speed to med/high and continue to mix until your butter reaches perfect consistency

In this video, I make double batch of buttercream. Hopefully this video helps you guys to perfect your buttercream. I made the tutorial assuming the people who watches are beginners. So the pacing might be slow for some of you. Anyways, thanks for reading/watching!

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