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Learn to create beautiful buttercream flowercakes through our classes. We offer many classes with range of difficulties and design type. Our classes are taught one on one, sometimes two at max. (workshops excluded). All the materials will be provided in class.

*Please consult me and agree on the date of class BEFORE signing up online.


Single time classes are perfect for testing the water or to simply improve your piping skill at your pace.



4 hr

Design and create a single flowercake. Class is limited to beginner course material.



Just Petals

2 hr

Focus on piping flowers and achieving color goals. Please read the class description closely!



3 hr

Design 4 to 6 flower cupcakes. Flowers are chosen in advanced unless stated otherwise.



4 hr

Sign up with your friend at a discounted price. Class is limited to beginner course material.



Courses are group of sessions that focuses on mastering your level of piping skills. Not only you will learn how to pipe flowers beautifully, you will also learn how to approach cake design artistically - color, flower choice, arrangement and etc.



4 hrs / session

Beginner Course is set of 3 classes that will teach you the basics of flower piping.


3 session: $173/per


4 hrs / session

Advanced Course is set of 2 classes that will further teach you advanced piping techniques.


2 session: $225/per


Workshops and demos I participate in! For questions, please email me or check my instagram


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