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Classes & Courses

Over the years, I've strived to make my buttercream flowers look more organic and natural to really capture the beauty of flowers. With my classes, I hope to share my skills and knowledge so you can also create beautiful flowercakes for your special occasion.


What class is for me?

Everyone learns at a different pace and comes from different levels of background experience. In order to suit everyone's needs, I've designed a variety of learning options so you can choose what best fits you. Try reading the class descriptions to consider the level of difficulty, class length, and focus of your interest before you choose. 

Offline Classes

Offline classes are 1:1 onsite classes taught in Santa Monica, California. The advantages to learning in person are the hands-on help you could receive and the details of piping work you can observe. Classes are offered in 3 options: Single class, Petal work, and Courses.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are a learning option made available for those who wants to learn at their own pace or simply for those who cannot travel to Santa Monica. If you need extra help, zoom sessions and tip blogs will also be available. 

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