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This is box of 8 individually packaged yokan. If you want designs in them, slight extra charge is added. PLEASE consult with me BEFORE making the order. I can only accept small amount of order per day to ensure quality, so checking availability is a MUST. Thank you for your understanding!!


Because they are made by the long block (8 pieces), unfortunately I can only allow 2 flavor variation by the box. Meaning, you can only choose 2 flavor at tops. Otherwise too much would go to waste.


During the consult, you can choose your design/flavor you want for your order. Knowing what you want and being specific will result in faster/better result. I will let you know the final price so you can check out with that option in the order. 


All orders MUST be picked up at Santa Monica location


  • Please cancel or notify me with any changes within 48 hrs of your order date. Cancellation fee of $10 will be charged if not doing so due preparation waste. Thank you for your understanding.