Beginner Course

This is a set of 3 classes for Standard pipers.

Beginner Course

  • This is a set of 3 classes for Beginners to Standard pipers.


    In Beginner Course, you will learn how to make buttercream and build a good foundation for piping flowers. Classes consists of:

    • Day 1: Simple rose cake
      • Building a good foundation of piping
      • How to pipe delicate thin roses
      • Freeze piping
    • Day 2: Variation cupcakes
      • How to pipe ranunculus
      • How to pipe curved petals and small detail flowers
      • Freeze piping flowers
    • Day 3: Floral cake
      • How to pipe english rose
      • Introduction to pointy petals

    You will take home your creation to eat, share or gift! All materials will be provided in class.

  • Please cancel or notify me with date of change 24 hours prior to your class. Cancellation fee of $20 will be charged if not doing so due to class material that was prepped for your learning. Thank you for your understanding.

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